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Scorpio DS 320

Scorpio DS 320 is a new generation inflatable kayak made entirely of Dropstich technology.

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The kayak DS 32p made in Dropstitch technology is faster, stiffer and stronger kayak than other pneumatic kayaks. DS 390 kayak I is much lighter than any polyethylene kayak on the market, while maintaining the properties of a rigid kayak. At 10 psi air pressure, it is as stable and solid as a canoe with a hard shell. The side chambers and the floor are made in Dropstitch technology which ensures excellent durability, high inflation pressure, stiffness and abrasion resistance. The shape in the letter "V" of the bow and the stern of the canoe ensures very good handling, easier rowing and speed of sailing.

What is the difference between a canoe made from droplets and other pneumatic kayaks?

As we hear an inflatable canoe, we think that its interior is filled only with air like most mattresses, water accessories, basic models of pneumatic kayaks. On the other hand, kayaks made with Dropstitch technology contain millions of polyester hard threads that connect upper and lower walls of inflatable chambers. Thanks to this, the kayak can be inflated to really high pressure, at the same time giving it super rigidity and form.


Hard and stiff shell as in the case of polyethylene kayak, but a simple way of transporting and storing a pneumatic kayak. Dropstitch kayaks are up to 50% lighter than polyethylene kayaks, making them easy to transport. They form a compact bag, making them ideal for storage in small spaces. You can easily pack them in the trunk or hide them in the cabinet. They are characterized by extraordinary durability and abrasion resistance. Beak, stern kayak in the letter "v" and skeg provide excellent performance, handling and speed.

Features of DS 320 kayak:

• up to 4 times higher pressure than other pneumatic kayaks (10 psi)

• 2 side carrying handles

• adjustable 4-point high backrest ensures excellent comfort

• Intelligent drainage system that allows water to be directed to the internal storage tank thanks to double drain plugs

• detachable large fin facilitates kayaking

• durable, durable, compact and lightweight, with excellent stability and maneuverability

• provides better speed than the PE canoe

• replaceable pumping valve • drain valves

• Ultra-light, universal design for all ages Included

• nylon backpack

• hand pump

• skeg

• seat with backrest

• footrest

• paddle

• Repair Kit

• user manual

model material lenght width weight max load size of the package pressure max
Scorpio DS 320 PVC Drop Stich 320cm 80 cm 10,6 kg 195 kg 90x55x40 cm 10 psi


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